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Sunny swanage 

Imagine the perfect seaside town like the one’s you would usually visit in the summertime to eat ice cream whilst paddling in the bright blue seas. Well, then welcome to swanage.  A hidden town located in the south, east of Dorset surrounded by a Jurassic coast and the smell of fish and chips drowning your senses. 

Swanage is full of beautiful views and sandy beaches all of which are treasured by the local community and tourists. 

Donations are regularly made by residents to maintain the coastal defence systems such as Groynes and Sea walls. This is done in order to preserve the everlasting beauty in which swanage holds.

Groynes are one of Swanage’s major defence systems, not only do they help to prevent longshoredift occurrences they also allow for visual data to be recorded so that the local authorities are able to keep up with Swanage’s needs. 

Sea walls, although they sound pretty plain they are one of the most useful defence systems out there.  Have you ever thought of how the people feel?  A sea wall not only allows for the beaches to be protected they also allow for the views to continue to their standard preferences and welfare.

And finally, we have to admire the patience of the authorities simply for taking in the views and opinions of Swanage’s population and contributing their time to support the wonderful ways of reflecting Swanage’s beauty for the future generations to enjoy. 

By Molly wise