But what about the bargains?

I am the kind of girl you will find rummaging through store sales, searching for the perfect bargain to contrast with the latest pair of ‘popper side trousers’ or the newest ‘split sleeve blouse’ you found in Topshop last week. I can’t quite comprehend to myself what it is about sales that I find so pleasing but they certainly do tend to make me twinkle both inside and out.

Recently I have been thrusting my way through all of the high street shops to amass my 2018 spring wardrobe for next season, consisting of a low budget as a student and my ability to reconstruct pieces from previous weather conditions, into items that are biddable for different circumstances all year round aka; parties and upcoming college interviews.

My number one rule for when seeking the perfect piece to contrast with an old pair of jeans you found at the base of your wardrobe is to take into consideration whether or not it is modifiable for more than one occasion e.g can it be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with your lace-up sneakers from Zara?

These are a few pieces I will be adding to my wardrobe in preparation for the new year and years yet to come. Here’s to economising our wardrobes and bringing elements from the past back to the future.

  • Red high waisted trousers from River Island, originally £45, brought for £20.
  • PU wrap dress from Topshop, originally £39, brought for £20.
  • Cosmo metallic trainers from Topshop, origianlly £26, brought for £15.
  • Faux fur contrasting coat from Zara, originally £119, brought for £89.99.

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